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Mounted branch

Currently we have an establishment of 10 horses.

Horses are selected for their confirmation and temperament. Each horse is subject to strict vetting procedures and then undertakes 9 to 12 months of training.

Upon selection to the Mounted Branch, officers undertake a basic equitation course of 16 weeks at Imber Court, the Metropolitan Police riding school.

During this basic course officers are taught elements of Public Order tactics, equine welfare and hygiene and of course how to ride to the standard required.

Once the basic course is completed, officers attend a 2 week refresher course once a year and undertake in-Force equitation instruction on an ongoing basis.

Training for the horses is continuous.

The Mounted Branch undertake high profile reassurance patrols of the City and ceremonial duties such as The Lord Mayor’s show and Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

All of our ACPO officers ride and were all on horseback in the 2007 Lord Mayor’s Show.

The officers and horses can also be deployed in public order situations, for example they are used for crowd control at football matches. Let’s face it who wants to take on a ton of horse!

Contact us at Wood Street ext. 020 7601 2164

Mounted Unit Sergeant – Jesse Wynne

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