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Police cars and Police officerHelping to make the City of London a safe place to live, work and visit


From the fraud investigation to corporate communication, scientific support to counter terrorism, our departments aim to make the City of London safer by upholding the law fairly and firmly; preventing crime and antisocial behaviour; keeping the peace; protecting and reassuring the community; investigating crime and bringing offenders to justice.​

Each department is part of one of our five directorates.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is comprised of a number of departments that all provide a support function to the operational activities of the force and its staff. The Directorate includes Human Resource Services, General Services, Financial Services, Shared Services and Information Technology.

Crime Investigation

The Crime Investigation Directorate encompasses a number of departments that provide the force with the ability to respond to all tiers of criminality - 24/7.

Dealing with the threat of serious and organised crime and terrorism though to day to day acquisitive criminality and violent crime.

Economic Crime

The Economic Crime Department is dedicated to preventing and investigating fraud and is the Lead Force for economic crime investigation.

Intelligence and Information

The Intelligence and Information Directorate is the single co-ordinating hub responsible for all intelligence and information management. It provides all contact management and is the first point of contact for the initial reporting, assessment, screening and allocation of crimes.

Uniformed Policing

Uniformed Policing Directorate covers all aspects of uniformed policing including response and provides specialist skills and support, on a regular basis, to other Directorates within the force and outside forces.​​​​