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Annual Report

Welcome to the second online annual report from the City of London Police which sets out the highlights from the last year.  It’s been a challenging year, like policing across the UK, we have restricted budgets and demand is ever increasing, but we have had some remarkable achievements.

In terms of headline crime, at one point during the year we had a 25 per cent increase in recorded crime compared to last year.  Thanks to an extraordinary amount of good work from officers in the force working in partnership with communities and businesses we’ve reached an end of year position of 15 per cent increase in recorded crime, year on year.  This is not something I’m comfortable with but given the backdrop of increasing crime across the UK, this is an area where we have made substantial improvements.
It’s also been a year where we have shown we have an ambition.  We launched a corporate plan that sets out what we in the City of London Police want to achieve over the next five years.  We have a great opportunity as the police force covering one of the locations of the country’s financial industry to work in partnership with businesses to ensure we have the best equipped and trained officers and staff.  And to make sure that, in the way London does, we also reach across the globe to deal with the issues we face.  Our corporate plan talks about making this the safest city area in the world, it talks about having a police that is valued by the businesses and citizens who choose to locate, work and visit the City.  It also talks of having global influence; this is partly in relation to our national responsibilities in relation to fraud: with fraudsters operating across the world we need to do the same.  It is also integral to our responsibilities in relation to protection and counter-terrorism.  By working with governments in other countries we can better protect citizens in this country, and in London.  We have officers working abroad advising local police forces on how they can work better to protect against the people who would do us harm.  We also have an ambition in the corporate plan to build on the partnerships we have established over the past years with businesses and other sectors of the commercial world, and we want to grow this.  The City of London is a fantastic global financial centre, home to multinational businesses, all of whom want to ensure their people and their business is safe.  We want to work with businesses to achieve this.  As an example of this, we have entered into a partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, who is providing funding that will enable us to develop training opportunities in economic crime, to better inform our officers and also to train law enforcement colleagues so we can tackle fraud more effectively.  We couldn’t do all this if we didn’t have the best staff so another strand of our corporate plan is to have an innovative, skilled and agile workforce, best equipped to manage the demands of a modern police force.
In our economic crime arena, we were delighted to welcome Karen Baxter, commander and national coordinator for economic crime nationally within in policing.  She joins us from PSNI, with vast experience of investigation and critical incident management.  She is working hard with our partners, the NCA, Home Office and other stakeholders to ensure we have the best approach to tackling this problem.  The HMICFRS this year published its report into fraud and policing and there are a number of recommendations that we need to take forward.  This is within a challenging environment with increases across all crime types and we need to ensure fraud is appropriately dealt with as the current biggest single crime type in the UK.  We want to give the most appropriate support to victims of fraud.
In October 2018 we launched a new Action Fraud system, linked to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, which is far more intuitive and easy to understand for those reporting fraud.  We have seen an increase in the number of online reports received since the launch, compared with the previous year.  This will help us to have the best possible opportunities to tackle fraud.
Through the past year we have continued our work with our leadership programme, which is about encouraging our workforce to be innovative, empowered and to grow our people.  This programme is the means by which we will deliver on our global ambitions.

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