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Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Consent - how to get it

  •  The person seeking or initiating sex is responsible for getting consent.
  • Ask yourself if the other person is capable of giving consent.
  • If they are on drugs or too drunk, asleep or unconscious they cannot choose.
  • Some people living with a mental health problem, a learning disability or a head injury may not have the capacity to consent.
  • You can confirm if you have consent by checking the other person’s body language and by asking them.
  • Check with them each time you start a new type of sexual activity.
  • Check with them on each occasion you start any sexual conduct.
  • Look at their body language and facial expression to see if they are eager and comfortable.
  • Ask them if they are okay.
  • If they seem unhappy, or you are not sure they are consenting, stop.
  • Silence, or the absence of a “no”, does not guarantee somebody is consenting.
  • A clear affirmative freely-given “yes” indicates consent.