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Yes today doesn't mean yes tomorrow.

Myths vs facts

“LOL. Sorry but she was asking for trouble. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me.”

Being intimate or social with someone does not automatically lead to sexual intercourse. Dating, flirting, kissing or being intimate do not convey consent to sex.

Consenting in the past or being in a relationship does not mean consent is automatically given in the future.

“People that get absolutely smashed – well how are you meant to look after yourself like that.”

Responsibility for rape rests solely with the perpetrator.

Someone on drugs or too drunk to make decisions doesn’t have the mental capacity to give consent.

If you think one or both people are incapable of consenting, step in and say something, before it goes too far.

“Others will take advantage.”

Both parties have to agree to sex. When someone is asleep or unconscious they cannot make a choice or give consent.

It is wrong to place any responsibility on the victim. Help prevent rape by speaking out and challenging views you know to be wrong.     

Rape is a crime. Rape occurs when a person penetrates another person’s mouth, anus or vagina with their penis without their consent. It happens to men and women. If someone initially agrees to have sex, but later withdraws their consent and the other person continues anyway, that person will have committed rape. Being drunk or on drugs is not a defence.

If you are accused of rape your future will change forever. You will be arrested and questioned by the police. Your belongings will be seized and your DNA taken, analysed and added to a database. If charged with rape you will appear at Crown Court for trial. If you are convicted of rape you could be sent to prison. The maximum sentence is life imprisonment. You would be ordered to sign the sexual offenders register.

After being convicted it may be harder to get a job or a place at university. You may not be able to travel to some countries. You may also damage or even lose relationships with friends and family.