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Twitter on the beat Jim Green
Twitter on the beat followed Duty Inspector Jim Green

Twitter on the beat - Jim Green

Twitter on the beat followed Duty Inspector Jim Green on his early turn shift on Thursday 24th April.

Duty Inspector Jim Green took over Twitter throughout his shift. Jim is in charge of the uniformed response officers, which can involve attending the custody suite to conduct reviews on detainees and overseeing any issues.

If there is a major incident, he will co-ordinate resources and make sure the public and our police officers are safe.

Read Jim's Twitter conversation.​

A bit about Jim

In 2002, at the age of 24, I joined the City of London Police after I saw an advertisement recruiting for police officers in a London paper. I applied, went through the recruitment process and was successful.

I always wanted to be a Police Officer because of the variety of work each day brings and the many different career paths that are available.

I worked at Snow Hill Police Station when I first joined, and after a few years I took my Sergeant’s exams and passed. I have worked in Community Policing, where I was the Mental Health Liaison Officer, as well as being responsible for the City’s homeless unit. I have been responsible for both the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates, as well at the busy Liverpool Street area.

I returned to Uniformed Policing, in 2012 and now work at Bishopsgate​ Police Station. I enjoy being part of the front line, especially being able to provide a good service to victims of crime. My duties now include patrolling, supervising the team’s work and running our custody facility. I’m currently half way through my Inspector’s exams so I occasionally get to act up when the boss is off too!

I still enjoy coming to work as much as did when I first joined because I am part of a great team and get to work in what I think is the best City in the world!​​