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Jim's tweets

Twitter on the beat follows Duty Inspector Jim Green on his early turn shift on Thursday 24th April

  • Hi I am Inspector Jim Green and I will be the Duty Inspector today for uniformed officers I will be on duty until 3pm
  • Taken over from night duty officers who had a busy night. We have a few detainees in custody, arrested for various offences such as..(1/2) 
  • ...theft and arson. They will be interviewed at some point throughout the day. #onthebeat (2/2)
  • The team have been briefed, and in between answering calls, will be focusing on theft, phone snatches and cycle crime... #onthebeat (1/2) 
  • Some of our officers will also be taking part in an ‘Operation Atrium’, where officers will be focusing on road traffic offences (2/2)
  • If you would like to know more about my role as a Duty Inspector, please #tweet me your questions. #onthebeat
  • I am stepping in today as Duty Inspector as my boss is off doing the fitness test and personal safety refresher training. #onthebeat
  • I will be going out on patrol at 10am, but first I need to catch up on some admin & look at the files of the detainees in custody #onthebeat
  • · An officer is on scene at a burglary & is waiting for Crime Scene Officers. Remember if you notice suspicious behavior,report it #onthebeat
  • Officers patrol crime hotspot areas which have seen vehicles targeted by thieves. Please make sure your valuables are not on display.
  • Just popped into custody, we have a TV crew filming our IFED officers today, investigating Insurance Fraud
  • Just came out of a meeting and finished some paperwork, so finally going out on patrol now. #weather looks good here. #onthebeat
  • Custody is getting busy, fraud officers have been working on a pre-planned operation bringing in four detainees. #onthebeat
  • Just got back from my patrol. Conducted a couple of checks on some unmarked vans but nothing suspicious. #onthebeat
  • I also attended a report of a collapsed 'man-hole' on Fleet Street. @cityoflondon are on their way to assess properly. #onthebeat
  • I am now reviewing the detention of an arson suspect – every few hours detainees must have their detention reviewed by an Inspector’
  • Today our fraud officers arrested 9 people suspected of being part of a major fraud involving fictitious US gold-mine
  • I have just been informed that one of our officers has made an arrest on suspicion of immigration offences. #onthebeat
  • Just handed over to the late turn Inspector. A fairly peaceful shift in the City, but custody has been busy! Hope u all enjoyed the tweets!