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Twitter on the Beat – Support Group (CPU7)

Twitter on the beat - Support Group (CPU7)

Thursday 21 August from 8:30am

The City of London Police has a variety of specialist teams that all work together to help to keep the Square Mile safe. One of the teams is our Support Group unit who not only work in the City but are also deployed to other parts of the country when required to assist with public order incidents.

The team consists of highly trained officers who have additional skills in Evidence Gathering, Method of entry and Rapid Entry, Public Order Medic, Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) instructors, Officer Safety Instructors, House to House enquirers, Rope access and many more.

Follow @CityPolice on Thursday 21 August from 8.30am to find out more about the work of the team and how they help to keep the City safe. Tweets and pictures will be sent throughout their shift.

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Meet some of CPU7 

These officers will be the team on shift throughout Twitter on the Beat

  • PS David Prashner
  • PC Simon Hill
  • PC Neil Sinclair
  • PC Rebecca Martin
  • PC Chris Eales
  • PCAnthony Fletcher
  • PC Sam Rice
  • PC Mark Alston
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