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Karen BaxterCommander Karen Baxter

Commander - National Coordinator for Economic Crime

Commander Karen Baxter joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary in January 1992 and has spent a significant part of her service in criminal investigation. As a Detective Chief Inspector in April 2006 she conducted a far reaching review of how the PSNI delivered Child Abuse and Rape enquiries. This resulted in the establishment of Rape Crime Units and Public Protection Units across Northern Ireland. This work significantly improved the response and quality of investigation to victims of sexual offences across Northern Ireland, prior to the formation of ‘The Rowan’ Sexual Assault Referral Centre at Antrim.

In 2011, as a Detective Chief Inspector she moved to the role of a Senior Investigating Officer in a Major Investigation Team. She was responsible for the investigation of serious crime including murder, kidnap and terrorism and successfully concluded a number of high profile complex murder investigations through to successful prosecution.

In September 2011 she introduced and launched the ‘One Punch’ campaign highlighting the risks of assault and street violence. Since then she has worked with numerous external agencies including, Victim Support, Sporting Organisations, Education, Youth Justice Agency and the MOD to promote awareness in respect of violent and sexual crime. She was awarded the British Association of Women in Policing (BAWP) Award and the International Association of Women in Policing Award (IAWP) for community service for this work.

Karen was responsible for the Terrorism Investigation Unit within PSNI. This was a challenging role linking directly to the maintenance of peace in Northern Ireland. She worked with a range of agencies locally and globally to deliver a range of interventions and a number of high profile convictions

As Chief Superintendent District Policing Command she was responsible for a multiple functions across uniform policing in Northern Ireland. In January 2018 she attended the Senior Command Course prior to her appointment with the City Of London Economic Crime Command in July.

Karen has a BSc in Applied Social Policy and has a Masters with the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge.