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Support networks

Association of Muslim police

AMP is the City of London Police employee network providing confidential support, advice and guidance to all employees about issues relating to Islam.


  • Assist Muslims in the police service to observe their faith
  • Advice during recruitment and retention of Muslim staff
  • Support members across arrange of welfare needs and promote a wider understanding of Islam within the police service and the wider community
  • Assist with promoting community cohesion, including engagement with local community.

Black Police Association

The City BPA aims to represent the opinions and views of Black and Minority Ethnic employees of the City of London Police and the communities they serve.

"Be the Change you want to see in the world" complements the City BPA’s mission statement, which is: "...seeking to improve the working environment of Minority Ethnic personnel within the City of London Police, with a view to improving the quality of service to the public and colleagues."

Black Police Association in the City of London will not only be beneficial to Police employees but also to the Community they serve - partnership with the Community is key in building a safer society for all; we must be willing to be the change we want to see.

The City BPA has been acknowledged for its achievements (at the European Federation of Black Women Business Awards), especially for it's the community, including its mentoring activities. For example the City BPA has supported the "100 Blackmen of London", a community development organisation that mentors children.

Christian Police Association


  • To promote and foster the fellowship of Christians in the Police Service in that unity which is enjoyed by those who are born again by the Spirit of God
  • To demonstrate this relationship to God in a concern for righteousness both on and off duty
  • To obey Christ in proclaiming his gospel, especially to members of the Police Service that they might be brought to know him personally

Based on our Aims, the principles of the Christian Police Association are:

  • Fellowship: In order to develop, Christians linked by a common purpose meet to meet together.
  • Ethical Values: To make a lasting impact on society, Christians need to demonstrate their adherence to biblical ethics.
  • Proclamation: Communication of the gospel is essential element in bringing people to faith in Christ.

LGBT Support Network


  • Engaging with LGBT people in the community
  • Tackling homophobia
  • Promoting equality
  • Supporting LGBT colleagues within the workplace

The LGBT Support Network is the City of London Police mechanism for promoting equality on issues of sexual orientation throughout the force.

We are working towards creating an environment free from homophobic and transphobic attitudes, bullying, harassment or indifferent treatment, by promoting diversity and equality both for the communities we police and within the force.

We seek to be a resource for all our Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual (LGBT) colleagues, communities and residents, offering support, advice and representation for concerns both inside and outside the workplace

Made up of police officers, staff and volunteers within the City of London Police, the network provides the forum to discuss, support and respond to local and national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LBGT) issues.

Specifically, the network will make policy and procedural recommendations to the appropriate internal networks for consideration and implementation. The group will also work to ensure the Force meets its obligations under The Equality Act.

Members of the City of London Police network will assist in developing relationships between members of the Force and the LGBT community and provide specialist advice when required around crime prevention, investigation, reassurance and public confidence.

  • We actively promote LGBT History Month every February, Idaho Day (International Day against Homophobia And Transphobia) in May and we attend London and Brighton Pride Festivals to raise the profile of the City of London Police, both as an employer and as an organisation that takes its responsibilities to the LGBT community very seriously.
  • By continuing to ensure the City of London is an environment where LGBT people feel valued and respected the Square Mile will remain a safe and inclusive place for the LGBT community to work and socialise.

The network also acts as an interface for the City of London Police in the work with Stonewall as part of the Diversity Champions Programme.

Disability enabling network

The Disability Enabling Network has been set up to offer assistance and advice to staff with a disability - or to staff who have a family member with a disability.

The Disability Enabling Network can:

  • Provide funding for equipment, training and reasonable adjustments.
  • Provide general advice on  disability issues affecting you or your family.
  • Advise on training and development opportunities

Women's​ police network


The aim of the Network is to seek to improve the working environment of women staff members within the City of London Police, which in turn will improve the working environment for all staff members and the quality of service provided to the public.

This will be achieved by:-

  • Providing a support and social network for all members;
  • Accessing and be involved in the decision making processes of City of London Police;
  • Developing a Network of social and professional contacts between women, both nationally and internationally;
  • Facilitate the sharing of information in relation to members and the Police Service;
  • Facilitate and contribute to discussions on issues of concern to all members;
  • Raising actions to the Confidence and Equality Board through the most appropriate DETG strand and monitor progress.
  • Working with other City of London Police support networks to improve the welfare and working conditions of all staff;
  • Promoting the City of London Women’s Network internally and externally;
  • Contributing to the continuous professional development of all members;
  • Involving the City of London Women’s Network in City community initiatives to ensure that the City of London Police seeks and receives feedback from the community on any gender related issues.
  • Assisting the City of London Police to monitor the impact of policing activity on the City community, particularly in relation to gender specific issues.