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Olympic Gold

​​The City of London Police struck gold for Great Britain in the 1908 Olympic Games held in the purpose-built stadium at The White City, Shepherd's Bush. These were the first Olympics to see the now traditional gold, silver and bronze medal awards.

The medals won by the City Police, came from three events – the Tug-of-War (gold) heavyweight boxing (gold) and heavyweight wrestling (bronze).

The Tug-of-War was an Olympic sport for only six games. Few people know that the City of London Police team won the competition in 1908, provided half of the joint City and Metropolitan team that won silver in 1912 (Stockholm) and again won gold in 1920 in Antwerp. Three City Policemen were in all three Olympics, thereby winning two gold and one silver medal each. Great Britain fielded three Tug-of-War teams in 1908. Great Britain I was the City of London Police team; Great Britain II was drawn from the Liverpool City Police; and Great Britain III was made up of policemen from the Metropolitan K Division. Teams were entered by the United States, Sweden, Greece and Germany.

City of London Police Olympic Gold medal
​The Times of 18 July 1908 reported that the Great Britain II team (the Liverpool Police) beat the USA in the first pull of their competition. The Americans then objected to the Liverpool team's boots. When the objection was overruled, they retired from the competition. The Liverpool team then went on to beat the Swedes by two pulls to none.

The Greek and German teams having scratched and the City Police having beaten K Division Metropolitan (by two pulls to one) the final was between Great Britain I and Great Britain II. Team I – the City of London Police – was victorious.

The Swedes joined the Greek and German teams in scratching from the competition, leaving Metropolitan K Division with the bronze medal.

The winning City team offered to compete against their American rivals in bare feet. The offer was declined!

The City Police jointly with the Metropolitan Police won silver to the Swedish Police team's gold in 1912. In 1920, the City Police again fielded Great Britain's team and were victorious, not losing one single pull during the competition.

As Tug-of-War has not featured as an Olympic event since 1920, the City of London Police remain reigning champions!

In every modern Olympic Games the City of London Police has had a representative. In 2000, Pc Kate Mackenzie represented Britain in the Rowing Ladies 8's. This was her second Olympics.​