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Public misconduct hearings

Purpose of Public Hearing

Misconduct hearings are held to present the facts of the case and allow officers to give an explanation of their conduct and the circumstances surrounding the allegation. Witnesses may also be called to be questioned. The purpose of a public hearing is to show that the police disciplinary system is open and honest, fair and effective and that we effectively hold corrupt officers or those that are found guilty of misconduct, accountable for their actions.

Throughout the hearing, officers are given the opportunity to speak personally or have their legal representative and/or appointed Federation friend to speak on their behalf. The burden of proof remains with the City of London Police throughout and the standard of proof is the balance of probabilities, unless facts are admitted.

The hearing is conducted in two parts. The first part considers the facts of the allegation against the officer. At the end of this examination of facts, the Panel retire and decide whether the officer’s conduct amounts to gross misconduct, misconduct or neither. A finding of gross misconduct means that the matter is deemed so serious that dismissal may be justified.

If it is established to the Panel’s satisfaction that the officer’s conduct did fail to meet the required standards, the second part of the hearing will determine the outcome. In considering the outcome, the Panel will take into account any aggravating or mitigating factors and consider evidence of the officer’s character and record of service.

All misconduct hearings will be in public, subject to any representations made by the officer and or witness, and considerations made by the Chair. Notice of a public hearing will be made not less than five working days prior to the hearing. Should the hearing, or part of the hearing, be in private, reasons will be given and published. Upon the conclusion of the hearing, the Chair will decide whether to publish a notice which may contain:

  • Name of the officer concerned
  • Alleged conduct of the officer
  • Finding
  • Outcome

Please note:

If you are a witness to a listed hearing, you will not be eligible for a public seat.

There may be occasions when a hearing is cancelled at short notice. Purpose of Public Hearing

Equalities Act 2010

  • Visitors with hearing impairments must arrange their own interpreters, if required.
  • Wheelchair users will be facilitated subject to a place being available.
  • Accessible toilets are available on a separate floor to the hearing room


Successful attendees will be sent a confirmation email. This must be brought with them when they attend the public misconduct hearing. Individuals will also be expected to bring either a passport or drivers license for identification purposes.

Any expenses for attendance must be met by the applicant, we will make every possible effort to inform people of changes in dates for hearings but this may be a short notice.

Future Public Misconduct Hearings

NameDate of hearingNotice


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Location: The location of the hearing will be published on our website.    

Details of City of London Police buildings can be found at Contact City Police    

How will I know if I am successful?

Successful attendees will be sent a confirmation email. They will be required to produce their personal registration letter (confirmation email) that was issued by the hearings unit and supporting photographic identification (passport or driver’s licence).

Do I book for each day of the hearing?

On the form below please indicate which day you wish to attend. We will try to accommodate requests, but if there is significant demand for a hearing we may have to limit the number of days people can attend to try to accommodate for numbers. These will be done on a first come first served basis.

Can I use my mobile phone during the hearing?

As part of the 'conditions of entry' all mobile phones, pagers, recording machines or other electronic items must be switched off in the hearing room .

The use of recording or photographic equipment is strictly forbidden in the hearing room. Any person found to be using such equipment will be asked to leave by City of London Police staff.

Only accredited members of the press will be allowed to use text based communications for the purposes of simultaneous reporting of proceedings if the person chairing or conducting the proceedings is satisfied that it does not interfere with the orderly conduct of proceedings.


There are no parking facilities for hearings.

As misconduct hearings are now in public, will I be able to see the hearing in its entirety?    

No. There may be occasions where a misconduct hearing will not be in public or a hearing is part heard. In order to decide this, the Chair must take into account a number of considerations, including (but not limited to) national security, whether it interferes with prevention / detection of crime, welfare of parties involved.

If the Panel Chair decides that the evidence to be given by a witness or any other person should not be disclosed in public , it may be appropriate for the person chairing or conducting the hearing to direct that the public be excluded.

What is the minimum age to attend?

Attendees must be 18 years old or over.

Are there conditions I need to adhere to?

All attendees must have read and understand the Conditions of Entry document .

Who should I contact if I need to cancel a reservation?

Please reply to the email you received your confirmation of attendance from ( )