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Misconduct hearings

The City of London Police takes all allegations of police misconduct extremely seriously. A thorough investigation is completed in all cases. 

Where appropriate to the severity of the case, officers will sit before a Misconduct Hearing Panel where a decision is made in relation to their individual case. 

The table below details the allegation of each case alongside the outcomes given to the officer by the panel.

Misconduct hearings 2016

Date of HearingAllegationOutcomes

​24th - 27th October

​City of London Police offices, New Street, London

Detective Chief Inspector

Breach of standards of professional behaviour in the areas of honesty and integrity, orders and instructions, confidentiality, discreditable conduct, and duties and responsibilities.

Decision: Proven

Outcome: Final written warning ​

Misconduct hearings 2015

Date of HearingAllegationOutcomes
​9th - 13th November 2015​1) In June 2014 conducted an unlawful search of a motor vehicle.

2) Unlawfully seized property from the vehicle search.

3) Unlawfully retained an item of property from said search.

4) Knowingly submitted false, misleading and inaccurate written statements and records with the intent to mislead.

5) In June 2014 submitted false and misleading overtime submissions.
1. A Detective Sergeant was given Management Advice after finding that he had not followed force procedures around the retention and disposal of seized material. They were given Management Advice after finding that he had not followed force procedures around the retention and disposal of seized material. ​
15th October 2015A Police Constable was dismissed from the City of London Police without notice at a misconduct hearing held on Wednesday 15 October in the City of London.

The panel found that they breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour of honesty and integrity, discreditable conduct and authority, respect and courtesy in relation to inappropriate sexual relationships with young females.
1. Dismissed without notice

Misconduct hearings 2014

Date of HearingAllegationOutcomes
15th -17th July 20141) On a date unknown in 2005 the officer gave an unauthorised (non police) personnel an item of their police issued personal protective equipment.

 2) On a date unknown in 2008 whilst on duty the officer left the force area, and entered a retail premises where a domestic assault was committed against the female owner within the premises.
1. Discreditable Conduct- Dismissed without notice

 2. Discreditable Conduct- Dismissed without notice
17th-18th November 20141) Following an incident in January 2014 the officer accepted a police caution for a section 5 public order offence relating to a domestic incident.

 2) The Officer used police issued equipment to locate an individual for a non-policing purpose.
1. Authority respect and Courtesy- Final written warning
2. Discreditable conduct- Final written warning
9th-10th December 20141) Following an incident that occurred in August 2013, the officer accepted a police caution for deleting data from a computer without authorisation, contrary to the Computer Misuse Act 1990.1. Confidentiality- Final written warning

 2. Discreditable conduct- Final written warning