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Community engagement

Community Engagement Patrols

The City of London Police strives to be an open and trusted organisation with our partners having confidence in us. To contribute to our partnership working we welcome members of the community to experience our work through Community Engagement Patrols.

As a force we are participating in the Home Office ‘Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme’ and the community engagement patrol forms part of our commitment to this. Members of the community are able to accompany officers on patrol to observe the use of stop and search and wider policing powers.

The Community Engagement Patrol is designed to allow the community to engage with police staff, increase understanding of our work and allow for feedback to be given to our Stop and Search Scrutiny Group about their experiences. The intention is that this process will increase trust in the police.


  1. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and will need to undergo vetting to ensure they are suitable to take part in the scheme with a view to maintaining the security and integrity of the City of London Police.
  2. Written application should be made to the Head of Uniformed Policing. Download an application here. 
  3. Send your completed application to
  4. Once accepted applicants will be provided details of the allocated duty, supervising officer, and other necessary documentary requirements, for example, indemnity form and guidance document.
  5. Participants are encouraged to provide feedback (both verbal and written) after completing any patrol. 

Community Scrutiny Group

The Community Scrutiny Group is a diver​se group of people that meet quarterly to discuss the latest stop and search figures and also to scrutinise a random selection of paperwork completed for officers.

The purpose of this group is to monitor how stop and search is used and also to highlight where improvements can and should be made.

We are always looking for new people to join the community scrutiny group please contact us to find out more about the group and enquire about joining.

This was set up to ensure the transparency of the City of London stop and search and has been enhanced by the best use of stop and search scheme’s community trigger scheme.​

Our terms of reference are currently under review by our new members, we expect this to be completed by January 2020.

Register your interest​

Community trigger scheme

In line with the recommendations of the best use of stop and search scheme we have introduced a community trigger scheme in the City of London. Every stop and search complaint within the City of London Police is highlighted as a trigger complaint. The idea behind this is that any complaint linked to stop and search will cause a trigger and will require the police to answer to the community scrutiny group explaining this.

The guidance has given discretion to each force to decide at the number of complaints received before the trigger is activated.

In the City of London we have decided that we will answer to the community scrutiny group for every complaint received regarding stop and search, setting the number at one.​​​​