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Lifetime Offender Management

Lifetime Offender Management unit

Wood Street Police Station, 37 Wood Street, London EC2P 2NQ

The Lifetime Offender Management (LOM) unit has been developed within the City of London Police to target and disrupt criminals involved in serious and organised crime, from using the City as a means to conduct their activities.

Crime at every level affects the lives, security and comfort of all of us. This unit has been designed to specifically seek out those linked to criminal organisations operating within the City and its borders.

Organised crime can sometimes be difficult to see as often only one single criminal act is reported upon or witnessed.

Police forces across the country have been working tirelessly to firstly link, and then tackle, this type of crime and the groups responsible.

This unit will proactively act upon the links which we, in collaboration with other law enforcement organisations, have made to target and disrupt those criminals and networks they operate in.

One method of achieving this goal is to impose, monitor, and enforce, Serious Crime Prevention Orders (SCPOs) which can restrict an individual's communications, travel and business dealings, among other things.
SCPOs can be issued to people when they leave prison to make it as difficult as possible for offenders to return to a life of crime. Not only does it ensure the safety of our communities but also helps with an individual's rehabilitation.
These orders are not issued to every person who is released from jail. They are focused towards those who are most likely to reoffend (high-risk) or whose crimes could cause serious harm if they did (high-harm).