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The City of London Police Public Space Surveillance Camera System (often referred to as CCTV) is one of the many tools used to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) across the City of London. We are governed by a variety of Codes of Practice and Data Protection laws and strict guidelines.

Our Control Room is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, manned by a combination of Police Officers and police Staff, all of whom have received appropriate training in the operation and use of Public Space Surveillance Cameras in relation to Incident Recording and Evidence Capture.

The City of London Police control room monitors 100 public space surveillance cameras across the City of London, with the capability of moving 360 degrees and positioned so that they do not intrude into private areas.  

City of London Police Public Space Surveillance Cameras will have a notice below them, or in the area that they are being used, with contact information.  

Use of Public Space Surveillance Cameras allows the Police to monitor the streets and public spaces and can also be used as part of wider operations in conjunction with the City of London Corporation in relation to traffic related enforcement, and other statutory obligations such as illegal fly tipping, graffiti, acts of vandalism, licensing, street trading, and civil emergencies.

Storage of data

Storage and retrieval of Public Space Surveillance Camera (CCTV) images allows analysis of evidence after an event has occurred. The City of London Police stores images recorded from CCTV cameras for 31 days, after which time it is automatically deleted. If Public Space Surveillance Camera images are required for evidential or litigation purposes, the relevant footage is saved within the system for up to 12 months, after which time it will be deleted. To apply for access to CCTV personal information, please go to

City of London Police General Enquiry Page


Our CCTV is governed by the following legislation to protect your rights and privacy:
Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) Data Protection Act
Information Commissioners Office (ICO) CCTV Codes of Practice
Guides to the Twelve Principles (To be read in conjunction with Surveillance Code of Practice)
Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013
Freedom of Information Act 2000


The City of London Police takes any concerns or complaints very seriously and have procedures in place for receiving and dealing with complaints. In order to make a complaint, please go here.

Contact us

For more information about The City of London Police Public Space Surveillance Camera System, please use the General Enquiry form​ on the Contact Us page.

For independent advice and guidance on surveillance cameras you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office helpline on 08456 30 60 60, or see The Information Commissioner's Office website.