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Antisocial behaviour

What is antisocial behaviour?

Incidents of anti-social behaviour can range from something that is a mild annoyance to something that causes real fear and insecurity. It could be a one-off event or something that happens over and over again. Anti-social behaviour can have a devastating effect on peoples' lives.

Who is responsible for dealing with anti-social behaviour?

Your local authority, social landlords (housing associations) and the police all have strong and effective powers to deal with anti-social behaviour problems.

If anti-social behaviour is affecting you or your family, you can expect us and your local council to treat the problem seriously, take action and then report back to you what action has been taken.

Contact your local policing team

Every neighbourhood has a local policing team, who are committed to finding out what your local problems are and helping to get them resolved. You can find your local team's details on Police.UK. 

How do you report Antisocial behaviour? 

You do not have to put up with anti-social behaviour. We, along with our partner agencies, have a range of powers available to us for dealing with anti-social behaviour.

It is important that you report instances of anti-social behaviour.

Examples of anti-social behaviour and who to report it to:

Vandalism is a crime - complete the online crime reporting form 

Graffiti is a crime - complete the online crime reporting form

Littering/fly tipping - report to your local authority

Dog fouling - report to your local authority

Nuisance neighbours - report to your local authority or to your housing association.

Intimidating groups taking over public spaces - report to your Local policing team Police.UK or call 101.

Inconsiderate parking - report to your local authorities parking enforcement team

Who to contact

Police responsibilities

  • Begging
  • Dealing/taking of drugs

  • Harassment or intimidation

  • Hoax call to emergency services

  • Misuse of Fireworks

  • Prostitution and indecent behaviour

  • Vandalism or graffiti

To report any of these, please report online or call 101.

Local authorities responsibilities

To report any of the above to the council please select the link and you will be directed to the GOV.UK website.  

Nuisance neighbours

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour and you are a tenant of a social housing provider, or the person committing anti-social behaviour is a tenant of a social housing provider, you should in the first instance report any incidents of anti-social behaviour to the relevant housing provider.

Or alternatively to your local council anti-social behaviour team