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Antisocial behaviour

Responding to Antisocial behaviour

The City of London Police continues to recognise that all individuals and communities have a right to live their lives free from intimidation, harassment and other disorders damaging their quality of life. One of the core purposes of policing is to keep people safe, and this includes dealing efficiently and effectively with antisocial behaviour.

What is antisocial behaviour?

Antisocial behaviour can leave victims feeling intimidated, angry and frightened.

Antisocial behaviour can include:

  • rowdy, noisy behaviour
  • night time noise
  • threatening, drunken or 'yobbish' behaviour
  • vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • dealing or buying drugs on the street
  • litter and fly-tipping rubbish
  • aggressive begging
  • drinking in the street

In many circumstances antisocial behaviour can make life unpleasant. It can ruin lives and make whole areas/Communities feel unsafe and vulnerable.

How do you report Antisocial behaviour?

You can report antisocial behaviour in a number of ways:

  • via City of London police switchboard 101 24hrs a day
  • via 999 for emergency or using 101 the non-emergency number
  • via your local Wards Policing officer
  • via the City of London Corporation on 0800 389 5908 or their online reporting system 
  • through partner agencies
  • Email​

What happens to reports of Antisocial behaviour?

All reports of antisocial behaviour made to the police are assessed by a police officer or staff at the time of the report and dealt with accordingly. 

You will be asked to give your details in order that a follow up call can be made to you: firstly by our force control room staff and secondly from your Community Policing team. 

Community Policing will ask you a series of questions from a risk assessment. This is to ascertain if the incident was a one-off occasion or a regular occurrence.  It will help the police in partnership with other agencies to deal with the issue in the most appropriate manner. 

You will also be asked whether you would allow us to share your details with appropriate agencies, such as environmental services, social services or housing. We work with these partner agencies in order that they can take action against the perpetrator and/or offer assistance to the person reporting.​​​​​​​​​​​​