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Family Liaison Officers

Police Family Liaison officers provide a vital link between the families and police during police investigations.

Why are we here

A Police Family Liaison Officer has been assigned to you and your family. A family can include chosen as well as biological parents, significant others, partners, siblings, children, guardians and others who have a direct and close relationship with the victim.

Who we are not

We are not counsellors. If you would like the help and support of a councellor or other specialist skills, we can assist to make arrangements quickly and confidentially, putting you in touch with experienced agencies.

What we do

The Police Family Liaison Officer’s role includes:

  • Gathering evidence and information in a sensitive manner, which assists with the investigation.

  • Providing you with a communication channel to the officer in charge and the investigation team.

  • Guiding you through the complicated criminal justice system, providing timely information and practical support concerning the investigation and associated procedure.

  • Giving you help and advice when you may need to talk to or deal with other organisations, such as the Crown Prosecution Service, local authorities and the Coroner’s Office.

  • Making sure you have information about supporting agencies, for example Victim Support, so you can make decisions about what help and advice you may require.

Questions and feedback

We recognise that by working together every family is unique. We will do our best to make sure that we can meet your needs in a way that assists you.

We recognise that it may be difficult for you to work with a police officer at this traumatic time and will always take this into consideration whilst liaising with you and your family.

We know that, on occasions, police officers may say or do things that you may not understand, are unexpected or confusing. Please help us to do our best for you and your family and please ask for an explanation if you are unsure.

Any questions you may have are important to us.

Are you satisfied with family liaison service you are receiving?

Is there anything you feel could be done better either for you or your family or for the other families in the future?

Please tell us through your Family Liaison Officer or Senior Investigating Officer or if you would prefer by writing to:

Family Liaison (M.I.T)
City of London Police
37 Wood Street
London, EC2P 2NQ


We welcome and value your views, at a time, which is appropriate for you.