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ACT: Action Counters Terrorism

The police and the security and intelligence agencies depend on information from you. Be our eyes and ears and help keep yourself, your family and your local community safe by looking out for suspicious activity and reporting it to the police, in confidence.

You may see or hear something that could be that vital piece of information needed to stop a terrorist attack.

By working together with the police, staying alert and thinking about your safety and security at home or work or when you are out and about, you can make it harder for terrorists to plan or carry out an attack.

Stay Safe Abroad This Summer 

As UK schools break up for summer holidays and the travel industry prepares for one of the busiest periods of the year, the UK's most senior counter terrorism officers are asking holidaymakers to play their part by watching a short video instructing them what to do in the unlikely event of an attack. 

The video can be found by visiting or on YouTube. 

CT Policing - in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Home Office and The Travel Association ABTA - launched the four minute film just over a year ago and since then more than seven million people have learned how to keep themselves and others safe should the worst happen. 

ABTA have also translated the video into 15 different languages for use in multiple countries, to improve awareness amongst the holiday representatives, hotel staff and security guards who look after millions of UK tourists every year.  

The key advice is:

  • Run - to a place of safety. This is better than trying to surrender or negotiate.

  • Hide - it is better to hide than confront. Barricade yourself in, turn your phone to silent and use only when it is safe to do so.

  • Tell - Make sure you know the local emergency numbers in the country you're travelling to. For all EU countries it's 112. 

The FCO also advises holidaymakers to read the FCO Travel Advice and to sign up for email alerts to be notified of any updates for their destination, either before or during travel. 

How do I report?

  • Reporting is quick and easy. You can report in confidence online at Alternatively, you can call the police confidentially on 0800 789 321. Remember, in an emergency always call 999.
  • reporting online terrorist and violent extremist material online
  • remaining alert at home, work and when out and about, so we can all play our part in defeating terrorism and keeping everyone safe 

Report online


What if the information I give is wrong?


That’s okay. If you have a genuine concern about something you’ve seen or heard, we’d much rather you tell us than keep it to yourself. That way, our specially trained officers can look into it. If it turns out to be nothing, that’s good news.


What should I report?


Like other criminals, terrorists need to plan. You will know your neighbourhood, your route to work, the parks, pubs and shops you visit often, better than we do. If you see anything that seems out of place, unusual or just doesn’t seem to fit in with everyday life, don’t be afraid to raise your concerns with the police.


Any piece of information could be important, it is better to be safe and report. Remember, trust your instincts and ACT. Action Counters Terrorism.​

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