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Civil Contingencies team

The City of London Police Civil Contingencies section consists of one officer who is based at Wood Street Police Station. 

The officer is skilled and experienced in the area of civil contingencies planning, including the writing and testing of emergency plans, and exercise design. The officer has received training at the Civil Contingencies Secretariat Emergency Planning College in key areas such as risk assessment, emergency plan creation and validation, and business continuity. 

Our role

The officer is involved in all areas of emergency and business continuity planning within the City of London Police, working to ensure that the Force meets its statutory obligations under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. 

What this means

The overarching legislation for civil contingencies planning is the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 which details what emergency responders, such as the City of London Police, must do to plan for emergencies and in the area of business continuity. More information on the Act can be found on this page: Civil Contingencies Act. 

How we do this

Although a wide variety of civil contingencies work is undertaken across the Force, a key element of the officer’s role is ensuring that the Force is prepared to deal with a major incident or emergency. 

For example, in making sure that the right equipment is obtained and maintained, and that officers know how to deploy it. 

It is also important to ensure that officers have access to the information and resources they need - and receive appropriate training – to be able to respond effectively to a major incident and so help in reducing the effect upon the City and its community. 

The officer also oversees Force business continuity arrangements, making sure they are robust so we can continue to provide a good level of service to the City community even when also dealing with a major incident. 

The officer works closely with our London partners, including the Greater London Authority and the City of London Corporation, and ensures that the City of London is represented at the pan-London resilience planning level. 

How we can help you

The officer aims to ensure that not only the Force, but the City, its residents and businesses are better prepared for emergencies. Briefings, presentations and inputs to organizations and businesses on the police response to major incidents and emergencies in the City can be provided upon request. 

If you would like further information on emergency planning, or would like to speak to the officer further regarding an input to your business or organization on the work done and how major incidents may affect you, please use the following form to contact our Emergency Planning Officer. ​