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Dial 999 in an emergency
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Emergency planning

This section provides advice and guidance on how to protect yourself, your family ​and your business during an emergency incident.

What is a major incident?

A major incident is any emergency that requires the implementation of special arrangements by one or more of the emergency services and will generally include the involvement, either directly or indirectly, of large numbers of people.​​​

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  • The rescue and transportation of a large number of casualties;
  • the large-scale combined resources of the police, fire and ambulance service; 
  • The mobilisation and organisation of the emergency services and support services; for example, local authority, to cater for 
  • The threat of death, serious injury or homelessness to a large number of people; and
  • The handling of a large number of enquires likely to be generated both from the public and news media usually made to the police.

Acts of terrorism including suspected involvement of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear devices are subject to specific multi-agency response supported by HM Government.

What if there are casualties?

When a major incident occurs in the City of London involving a large number of casualties or is likely to result in a large number of telephone calls from concerned relatives and friends, we will normally activate our casualty bureau.

What does the casualty bureau do?

  • Inform the investigation process relating to an incident

  • Trace and identify people involved in an incident

  • Reconcile missing persons

  • Collate accurate information in relation to the above for relevant parties.

How does it achieve this?

We will take reports of missing persons from friends and family, we will send volunteers and officers to survivor reception centres and the hospitals to collect details of person involved and forward these to the casualty bureau so they can then inform the next of kin and to collect details of potential witnesses to the incident.

How do I contact the casualty bureau?

A telephone number will be issued, via the media, for concerned friends and relatives to ring and lodge details of the person they are worried about. When a casualty bureau is activated, hundreds of callers will be trying to get through. We will try to deal with these calls as quickly as possible therefore you may find that you have to queue for sometime before being answered - please be patient.

We will also open an email group which will be published on here for businesses only to contact police.