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ECD Annual Review

Economic Crime Annual Review 2016/17

In the past year we extended our service for reporting of live cyber incidents to provide 24/7 coverage. Through this service, we provided advice to over 160 companies on how to minimise the impact and allocated their reports to the most appropriate law enforcement agency for action. We also used this information to help individuals protect themselves against future fraud associated with theft of their personal data.

In 2017 we will be continuing to improve our service to make it easier for single and bulk reporting to the National Fraud and Cyber Reporting Centre. A new analytics system will improve our ability to link crimes and criminals and share real time information on offenders and victims with law enforcement partners. The new system will be far more advanced, dynamic and able to meet the needs of victims, forces and the private sector.

We continue to work with police forces investigating serious and complex fraud on their behalf and helping them to improve their fraud capabilities. From training by our Economic Crime Academy on the fraud investigation model, to processes for identifcation and management of vulnerable victims. We provide nationally co-ordinated crime prevention advice and are developing a toolkit of best practice.

We are working with the Government to identify legislative and policy changes to reform fraud prevention and the criminal justice system’s ability to respond. We are working with the Cabinet Offce to professionalise public sector fraud investigation.

With 80 percent of fraud and cyber crime preventable, behavioural change and designing out systematic weaknesses remains paramount. Education of the risks and how they can be prevented is the responsibility of not just policing, but individuals, government and business. The relevance and timeliness of our own crime prevention advice has resulted in a 64 percent increase in digital engagement on last year.

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