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Civil Asset Recovery Pilot Project

The City of London Police have been considering innovative ways to maximise the potential recovery of assets on behalf of the victims of fraud. Whilst a criminal investigation is always the preferred option, this may not always be possible or practicable in every case.

Where a case is highlighted as not being suitable for a criminal investigation it will now be considered for civil recovery as an alternative. As such, we are looking for private law firms who may be interested in taking these cases forward on behalf of the victims of fraud.

Interested companies will be asked to document their expertise and experience in dealing with civil recovery and will be required to agree to the terms set out below. 

Please click on the button below to complete the contact form and a member of the team will contact you soon.

Civil Asset Recovery form​

The actual pilot case has yet to be agreed so the City of London Police cannot provide an accurate summary of the information that will be provided.

However, to assist companies considering applying for inclusion in the pilot case we have put together a sample case that combines much of the     information type that will accompany the live trial case. This is merely a guide but it does give some indication of the fraud modus operandi and the traceability of assets.

Sample case information

Sample Case

  • Total reported Loss: £1,070,620.49
  • Number of reported victims: 23

Case Overview

The company was based within the City of London jurisdiction at the time that the fraud was perpetrated. However, various company addresses have been used by the alleged criminals during the time the fraud was in action.

The suspect company cold called victims to offer them the chance to purchase diamonds and rare coloured stones as part of an alternative commodities investment. Most of the victims had previously invested in other commodities and it is likely that their details have been passed to the alleged criminals purposely to commit this fraud.

The victims state that no diamonds are ever received and no certificates are issued. Communication is also severed once the victim tries to contact the company to demand a refund. The case has not been accepted for a criminal investigation by the City of London Police. Only preliminary investigative work has been carried out to date. However, the following is known and could be shared through an Information Sharing Agreement:

  • Company Number
  • Date Company Incorporated
  • All linked addresses to company and suspects
  • Suspects are UK based
  • Date of first victim contact
  • Full suspect details
  • Suspect transaction details
  • Suspect bank account details

The above information does not represent the actual details of any company and is used to demonstrate the type of information that might be available to be shared with a Legal Firm in readiness for any civil recovery proceedings. ​