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May 2017

Man jailed after stealing £271,489 from his employer

Men plead guilty to fake car crash insurance claim worth £36,000

Man who caused a crash and then blamed it on the other driver is sentenced    

Man who made hoax insurance protection claims sentenced

Foul-mouthed and abusive insurance fraudster sentenced

April 2017

Ghostbroker ordered to pay back £253,000 for his ill gotten gains

Man and Woman charged after allegedly faking death to claim life insurance

March 2017

Criminal gang sentenced following five year investigation

January 2017

Doctor sentenced to two years after submitting false medical claims

Man sentenced for making false car insurance claims

December 2016

Two people sentenced for bribery offences after leaking confidential data to claims management company

Couple who fraudulently claimed more than £17,000 for false illnesses are convicted 

November 2016

Insurance ‘ghost broker’ who set up 133 false policies ordered to pay back £17,000  

Woman sentenced for horse saddle insurance fraud

Liverpool insurance claims handler ordered to pay £37k by court

Man sentenced for false insurance claim after CCTV proves he wasn’t in the car

October 2016

Motorists warned about ‘ghost brokers’ as part of nationwide uninsured driving crackdown

IFED gives Insurance Institute members insight into the world of investigating insurance fraud

September 2016

Las Vegas fraudster sentenced for defrauding £66k from dead mother’s pension payments

Claims Management and Former insurance employees appear in court over data leak  

Walsall fraud gang sentenced over £500k false insurance claims

Leicester man sentenced and ordered to payback £56k from home insurance fraud

IFED feature in ITV documentary

August 2016

CCTV exposes fraudulent claim of driver ‘injured’ during collision

July 2016

Las Vegas fraudster guilty of defrauding £66k from dead mother’s pension payments

Birmingham pair arrested in crash for cash investigation​

Aviva secondee bids farewell to IFED after ‘best six months’​​

June 2016

Married couple jailed following a decade of fraudulent health insurance claims  

Grimsby businessman jailed over £114k insurance scam

Insurance saleswoman sentenced for £31k commission scam

Call centre worker sentenced over income protection fraud

South Wales man convicted of falsifying documents in £300k insurance claim

Bolton man sentenced for using charity’s bank account to pay for car insurance  

Teenaged insurance ‘ghost broker’ jailed

May 2016

Man sentenced as police continue appeal over £100k Mr Whippy van insurance fraud

Bradford crash for cash fraudsters foiled by member of the public and police

Insurance ‘ghost broker’ who set up 133 false policies sentenced  

Woman charged in connection with pension and annuity fraud 

Aircraft engineer jailed for two years after fake £240k lost baggage claim

'Ghostbroker’ who set up over 150 fraudulent motor insurance policies in a £200k scam has been jailed for 20 months.

Liverpool insurance claims handler jailed for fraud

Man convicted as police appeal over £100k Mr Whippy van insurance fraud

April 2016

Southend man sentenced for repeated false injury claims

Warning to insurance workers over approaches for customer data

Doctor charged with insurance fraud  

Insurance broker sentenced over commission fees fraud 

March 2016

Insurance fraudster jailed after lying about mother’s stroke

Birmingham crash for cash gang sentenced  

February 2016 

Man jailed after failing to repay profits from his insurance fraud

Arrests made in wine bar insurance fraud investigation

Man sentenced over fraud to pay for mother’s car insurance

Appeal to trace man wanted in crash for cash scam

Home Secretary visits Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department following launch of Joint Fraud Taskforce

Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department officers to feature in BBC documentary

Seven charged in connection with medical invoice insurance fraud

Insurance Ghost Broker sentenced

January 2016

Crash-for-cash scammers sentenced

Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department targets ‘slip and trip’ fraudsters in two-day crackdown

Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department announce new head as unit surpasses 100 years in sentences for insurance fraudsters 

Insurance industry professional seconded to City of London Police to help combat fraud

Suspended jail sentence for home insurance fraudster

Insurance fraudster convicted over £6k watch scam

Man jailed for payment protection insurance fraud