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Action Fraud Privacy Impact Assessment

The new Action Fraud Service is one of the most advanced Police intelligence systems in the world with the ability to process vast amounts of data to identify patterns and linkages in offending. Where Analysts see clear evidence of criminality and the potential for arrests, intelligence is sent to the relevant Law Enforcement Agency (LEA). The LEA then decides whether to launch a criminal investigation or take disruptive action.

This Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) has been developed by the new Action Fraud Programme, to ensure that the relevant information privacy issues are addressed. The PIA aims to encourage discussion of issues related to privacy and consideration of ways to ensure that any privacy concerns are identified and mitigated where possible.

We wish for all interested parties to be given an opportunity to comment on the PIA and to provide input on ways that can help ensure the new Action Fraud Service delivers a privacy assessed product. To enable this, your organisation is invited to comment. Your views including, but not restricted to, the following areas would be appreciated:

  • Comments on the privacy issues raised and the approach taken in the delivery of the new Action Fraud Service.

  • Other privacy issues or approaches that need to be considered.

  • Views on what is required to ensure that information privacy becomes a routine component of the new Action Fraud Service delivery.

  • Comments on what is needed to address any identified privacy issues.

  • Your organisation can provide feedback in the following ways:

You are welcome to provide feedback directly to: Gary Brailsford-Hart (PIA Lead) via email:

Face-to-face consultation by appointment via the above email address.

The new Action Fraud project welcomes your input and is looking forward to receiving your comments.

Supporting documentation:

The Police recognises that the sharing of information is essential in being able to fulfil its policing purposes - Protecting life and property; Preserving order; Preventing the commission of offences; Bringing offenders to justice; Any duty or responsibility of the police arising from common or statute law. As part of our transparency process it is important that we are applying consistent controls that demonstrate that any sharing of information is undertaken for a lawful purpose. In each instance the sharing of information must be compliant with the Data Protection Act through articulating the necessity, proportionality, relevancy, accuracy and disposal of any information shared.

Supporting documentation

The Police operate within a lawful process when handling sensitive personal data, this is evidenced through appropriate governance structures and adherence to policy. The policies listed herein provide assurance to the public that information is being managed and handled appropriately.

Supporting documentation