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Bribery and corruption buzz wordsInvestigating UK companies and individuals involved in Bribery in developing countries overseas

Overseas anti-corruption unit

​​Anti-corruption and Bribery training videos

Take a look at a number of films we have created that look at the consequences of making the wrong decision (not the Act's or Sections of the Bribery Act). We hope that the videos will have a personal impact on those who are faced with the question “do you want this business or not?”.law.

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The Role of the Overseas Anti Corruption Unit

The City of London Police, Overseas Anti Corruption Unit (OACU) is wholly funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and has a global remit to investigate allegations of UK companies and individuals involved in Bribery in developing countries overseas. However, another role of the unit is engagement with commercial organisations. We recognise the importance of these partnerships/relationships and are eager to assist in regard to clarifying questions about the Act, its practicable application and offering crime prevention advice.

OACU team is made up of Detectives, Detective Sergeants and a Detective Inspector and Chief Inspector with the national remit for the investigation of corruption and bribery in third world countries involving British persons and companies. ​


OACU have been instrumental in establishing the British Standards Institution Kite Mark for UK companies. The kite mark introduces a series of measures which, if adhered to, are designed to show compliance with the new UK anti bribery laws, minimising companies exposure to risk of corruption within their business and reassuring customers and shareholders of the integrity of their business. 

Since the creation of the unit in 2006 over 155 case of corruption or bribery have commenced with over 115 suspects under investigation, leading to the interview and arrest of 80 individuals, the charging of 28 suspects and 1 corporate entity.​


What should you do?

It’s important that you are fully aware of the Act and the impact any breach could have on your organisation and individual culpability. Nobody knows your business or understands what the potential risks are to your organisation better than you. So make sure that you seek advice so you can implement the appropriate risk based governance for your company.

What should you do if you’re offered a bribe?

Depends entirely on the circumstances and environment at the time, you may be committing an offence by making or receiving such a payment but even if you feel you have no choice and pay, you should always report the circumstances. The consequences of not doing so will undoubtedly become a bigger issue later. You can report bribery and corruption to your local police force.

Further information

For further information or guidance on the Bribery Act call The Overseas Anti Corruption Unit (OACU) on 020 7601 6865 or email

​For further information on The Academy and the courses available visit our Economic Crime Academy website​