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Investigating UK companies and individuals involved in Bribery in developing countries overseas

International Corruption Unit

​​Anti-corruption and Bribery training videos

Take a look at a number of films we have created that look at the consequences of making the wrong decision (not the Act's or Sections of the Bribery Act). We hope that the videos will have a personal impact on those who are faced with the question “do you want this business or not?”.law.

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The UK Government published a cross government Anti Corruption Plan in December 2014.

Following on from this plan some key actions were set, one of which was to create a new central bribery and corruption unit within the National Crime Agency (NCA) by bringing together the resources from the DFID funded units.

On the 29th May 2015, the remit of the Metropolitan Police, Proceeds of Corruption Unit and the City of London Police (CoLP), Overseas Anti-Corruption Unit (OACU) transferred to the new NCA unit, named the International Corruption Unit (ICU).

In partnership with the Department of International Development (DfID) the ICU:

  • Investigates international corruption cases and related money laundering

  • Investigates offences committed under the UK Bribery Act 2010 involving UK –based companies/nationals or international bribery with a UK nexus

  • Traces and recovers the proceeds of international corruption

  • Supports foreign law enforcement agencies with international anti-corruption investigations

  • Engages with government and business to reduce the UK’s exposure to the proceeds of corruption

  • Works with business to support increased compliance with the UK Bribery Act 2010

The ICU also works with Her Majesty’s Treasury in relation to the enforcement of financial sanctions.

The ICU is based at the National Crime Agency, Units 1-6 Citadel Place, Tinworth Street, London SE11 5EF and currently has a team of 37 staff, made up largely of investigators and Financial Investigators.

Contact the ICU

For advice on reporting bribery and corruption offences, or if you have questions about the law enforcement approach to international corruption, please email the ICU:  

Visit the National Crime Agency ICU page