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PIPCU deals with all kinds of IP crime but this does not generally include cases where a third party has ‘spoofed’ a website or used your company name to run a website to commit fraud. These are matters which should be reported directly to Action Fraud.

If the matter relates to a copied website in your company name then go to the Action Fraud website and click on the “I am a witness” tab in order to make an information report. Follow the links and consider the “I can’t find a relevant option” if your report does not fit into any category.

If you have lost money directly to fraudsters, or a third party has lost money, then please report directly as a victim through the Action Fraud main page.

Alternatively as a business, you can use the ‘Business reporting tool’ section of Action Fraud online.

In consultation with a number of representatives from the private sector, a case referral form has been designed to enable businesses to submit allegations quickly and with minimum bureaucracy.

To help you complete your referral we have created a set of guidelines. Please read the PIPCU Referral Guide before completing a referral form.

Read the PIPCU Referral Guide

Guide to seizure of exhibits

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