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Sexual violence


Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual act or activity. There are many different kinds, including: rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment.

Rape & consent:

  • Rape is one type of sexual violence. Sexual violence is the general term we use to describe any kind of unwanted sexual act or activity.
  • Legal definition of rape: 'Penetration with a penis of the vagina, anus or mouth of another person without their consent' (
  • Most people know the person who rapes them in some way before it happens. Rapists can be partners, friends, spouses, colleagues, family members. The victim might be on a date with them, or have been on lots of dates together. They might have had consensual sex with them in the past.

Sexual Assault:

  • Sexual or indecent assault is any physical, psychological and emotional violation in the form of a sexual act, inflicted on someone without their consent.

Sexual harassment:

  • Sexual harassment is any unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature that makes you feel distressed, intimidated or humiliated. It can take lots of different forms. It can include or be called sexualised bullying.


  • A person looking distressed/frightened.
  • A person being under the influence who may look in a vulnerable situation.
  • Victim may not appear coherent or aware of surroundings
  • Physical injuries (bruises, cuts, bleeding etc).
  • A guest who appears under control or physically/emotionally distressed
  • Suspect may wish to may cash or avoid giving personal details    


  • Always believe the victim and take it seriously.
  • Act quickly and confidently.
  • Call 999.
  • Ask for an ambulance if the person is injured.
  • Take the victim to a confidential area.
  • If suspect is still present provide details of location and description. Do not put yourself in danger!
  • Secure the area where the assault took place – think of preserving the scene!
  • Keep everything and try not to touch or move anything before police arrive.
  • YOU are responsible for the person’s immediate safety.


For further information:

Contact the City of London Public Protection Unit – - Give information anonymously

Vulnerable Victims Advocate- / 07944634946

Victim Supportline- 0808 1689 111

Survivors Gateway- 0808 801 0860

RapeCrisis- 0808 802 9999

The Havens- 020 3299 6900

Survivors UK- 02035983898 /

Galop (LGBT service) - 020 7704 2040