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Types of certificate

Current fees for shotgun certificates:

Grant: £79.50
Renewal: £49.00
Payment via cheques made payable to: City of London Police Authority

A Shotgun Certificate covers Section 2 shotguns which in general are guns that:

have a barrel length of not less than 24" and a bore of 2" or less in diameter;
and do not have a magazine, or have a non-detachable magazine which cannot hold more than two cartridges;
and are not a revolver gun (i.e. a gun containing a series of chambers which revolve when the gun is fired).

The main usage of these types of guns is vermin shooting, clay pigeon shooting and sporting purposes.

Current fees for firearms certificates:

Grant: £88.00
Renewal: £62.00
Variation: £20.00
Payment via cheques made payable to: City of London Police

A Firearm Certificate covers Section 1 firearms which in general are guns that:

Have a barrel from which a bullet can be discharged, and it includes any accessory to any such weapon (i.e. sound moderator) designed or adapted to diminish noise or flash caused by firing the gun. Ammunition designed to be used with a Section 1 gun is also covered by the certificate.

Before a firearm certificate is issued the applicant must satisfy the Chief Officer of Police of the two main points:

  • That s/he is a fit person to be entrusted with firearms;
  • That the applicant has a good reason to acquire and possess each individual gun.

When looking at the ‘fit person' area, matters such as conviction history, referees, any medical or mental history, ability and safety in use and storage of firearms are taken into account amongst other checks.

The ‘good reason’ requirement is quite simple. The applicant must explain why s/he requires a particular gun and provide proof that s/he has facilities to use that gun.

Once the certificate is issued the applicant is required to continue to have ‘good reason’ or the Chief Officer of Police may have grounds to revoke the certificate.​​

Certificates, once issued, are valid for a period of five years, unless cancelled or revoked.