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Simple steps to stay safe on your night out

Alcohol awareness

For many the City of London is a great place to come for a night out or a quiet drink after work.

It is however, important to remember that criminals also operate in the City and will target people who appear distracted or vulnerable – whether that’s because they have drunk too much, are on their own, or are a tourist or visitor that doesn’t know the area.

Follow these simple tips and stay safe on your night out


  • Know your limit. Know how much you can drink before you lose control.
  • Look after your property. Use the cloakroom to store your property safely.
  • Try to alternate your drinks. With every alcoholic drink, have a non-alcoholic drink.
  • Plan ahead. Know how you are going to get home safely, plan your route and mode of transport. Visit the Transport for London (TFL) website for travel updates.


  • Leave your drink unattended. Watch your drinks at all times to avoid it being spiked.
  • Give thieves an opportunity – don’t leave your property unattended.
  • Use unlicensed taxis. It’s not worth the risk. Stay safe and book a licensed cab or get a black cab.
  • End your night in the back of a police van or ambulance. When you have reached your limit STOP!

Please remember, excessive drinking increases the likelihood of someone committing a crime - or becoming a victim of one.​