The City of London Police logo, uniforms, cap badges, royal armorial (crest), warrant badge, vehicle liveries, paperwork and other items are all copyright of City of London Police.

City of London Police doesn't commercially endorse or advertise products or services. We may grant permission and approval for an image to appear as incidental, such as in the background at a football match, or directing traffic.

Where you need police for advertising purposes, we'd suggest you depict a generic police force, with no identifying logos or badges.

Using City of London Police officers, staff and animals

We don't hire out police officers, staff or animals as performers.

Using City of London Police equipment

City of London Police doesn't hire out uniform, equipment or vehicles, but you can get all of these from various registered providers. Visit to find out more. 

To make a request

To request the use of our IP, please go to our page on how to request an IP licence.