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City of London Police Special ConstablesSpecial Constables form a vital link between the regular police and the community


What is a Special Constable?

Volunteer Special Constables are trained volunteers who work with and support their local police. Being a “Special” opens up a world of opportunity for personal and professional advancement.

Special Constables form a vital link between the regular police and the community.

​Special Constables are unpaid members of the community who are attested by Magistrates to assist the Regular police service in providing policing to their community on a part-time basis.

Special Constables have the same powers as regular police constables. These powers are applicable throughout England & Wales both on and off duty. SCs wear uniforms on duty that are practically the same as regular constables.

Special Constables are subject to the same Police Conduct and Performance Regulations as regular police constables, including performance regulations. There is a requirement to perform a minimum of 200 hours of duty each year. Although Specials do not receive a salary they are reimbursed out-of-pocket expenses for travelling to and from duty (subject to geographical limitations) and a meal allowance.

Special Constables come from all walks of life – homemakers, students, accountants, engineers, developers and taxi-drivers – but whatever the background, Special Constables take pride in giving something back to the community.

People become Special Constables for many reasons, including:

Learning new skills and gaining valuable experience (such as communication, problem-solving, negotiation & decision-making skills)


  • Challenging oneself
  • Learning first-hand about the police before deciding to join the regulars full-time
  • Making a break from day-to-day life
  • Learning more about the police and the community


Being a Special Constable will enable you to learn new skills, gain valuable experience and understand more about yourself – you will probably experience more about life and human nature than most other people ever can.

Constables – both Special and Regular – have great powers entrusted to them by the Community, and in return the Community expects only the most appropriate persons to be given those powers.

The rules governing who can, and cannot, become a Special are determined by the Government and an applicant may not be able to join the Special Constabulary where a conflict of interest may exist between the role and powers of the Special Constable and the applicant’s occupation, business interests and political activity. 

We will be recruiting for new volunteer police officers to join the City of London Special Constabulary in Spring 2019. To register your interest in receiving information pack and dates of recruitment events please e-mail​ and we will send you further information early next year.

We will also consider applications for transferees of constable rank who have obtained independent patrol status. In the first instance please e-mail to arrange an informal discussion.