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Community Policing
Community policing is at the very heart of our daily duties to protect and serve

About community policing

Community Policing is at the very heart of our daily duties to protect and serve the 300,000 people who live in, work within and visit the City of London. Police officers and PCSOs work with City communities across three specific teams – Residential, Business and Street Intervention.

This structured approach helps focus​ our work within both the residential and business sectors of the City, while maintaining an active presence on the streets and helping to prevent crime.

Positioning our teams in this way makes for smarter, more efficient working with communities.

The teams have an integrated approach and share their knowledge and skills to help each other - to help you. This style of policing is designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in an ever evolving vibrant City culture.​


The Residential team works with the 7,500 residents living in the City of London.

Objectives include tackling anti social behaviour and other quality of life and related residential issues, dealing quickly and efficiently with problems that arise and stepping up police patrols in the City’s residential areas.

The residential team attends various resident led meetings such as youth groups and women’s groups to provide an informal policing input and to work with the groups on issues that they are facing and to provide support wherever possible.


The Business team works with all small and medium enterprises, such as shops, cafés, pubs, markets and churches. The team deals with local issues and concerns raised by businesses.

Officers and PCSOs aim to increase awareness and cooperation between businesses and the police to reduce and tackle crime.

The business engagement team attends many businesses internal strategy meetings such as security forums and management briefings to better understand the needs of our business community. A member of our team will attend these meetings where invited to provide a crime update, inform staff about current operations running or to address concerns or issues raised. 

If you are holding a meeting that you would like the police to attend please contact a member of the a member of our business engagement team. The team is also engaging the community through crime reduction roadshows​​, informal drop-in surgeries, bike marking services and engagement strategies such as taxi outreach programmes that engage with local taxi drivers to understand their concerns.

Street Intervention

The Street Intervention team has responsibility for tackling and reducing street crime and anti social behaviour. The team also assists with issues associated with licensed premises.

Officers and PCSOs also help raise awareness about crime prevention and regularly visit schools and work with police cadets.​​​​​