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Rough sleepers

Like all other local authorities in the UK, the City of London Corporation have been given a target to reduce people sleeping rough in the community It is widely accepted that reduction is an on ​going challenge to achieve, as London tends to attract people from around the UK and from other countries.

The City of London Police are working with the City of London Corporation and the homeless charity Broadway to help people sleeping rough in the City access appropriate accommodation and specialist services. It is acknowledged that when people sleep rough they are likely to be subject to more violent crime and their life expectancy will be greatly reduced – therefore we agree that living rough on the street is not an option.

We have officers dedicated to work with other partner agencies to help people make the journey from street to home. 

Our role

  • Regularly check on people to ensure that they are as healthy as can be expected in the circumstances and not in need of immediate medical care and attention;
  • to help partner agencies identify the location of vulnerable people or people at risk;
  • to provide people sleeping rough with information on how to access specialist services and accommodation;
  • work with partner agencies to find solutions for long-term homelessness cases
  • reduce crime and anti-social behaviour sometimes associated with rough sleeping

Who to contact

If you see a person sleeping rough please note the following:

  • Location
  • Road name
  • Building
  • If visible note sleeping bag or hair colour. 

Then call:

Community advice

We recognise that this issue is very emotive and are always surprised at the City community's generosity towards people sleeping rough. However, we would ask the community to avoid giving individual’s money or items of food as this has an impact on the individual seeking support from a responsible charity that will be able to provide support and help guide them away from the streets in the longer term.  We would encourage the community to direct their support to the City Outreach team or Streetlink where direct support can be provided to all rough sleepers and reassurance given that their money will be used to support the overall effort.


Like all other local authorities across the UK, the City of London are required to undertake a regular street population count on the number of people sleeping rough on the streets.  This helps the team to assess whether our current approach is working.​