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Online services and alerts

Sign up to one of our email alerts provided by Vocal and get community and business related updates from us.

Resident email alerts

As a resident you can sign up to receive free fortnightly email updates from the City of London Police providing you with information on: policing priorities that target the residential community; feedback on police operations to combat anti-social problems; forthcoming road-closures; crime prevention advice; and other issues that impact on City residents.​​

​Business email alerts

As a business or someone who works in the City you can sign up to our free business email messaging scheme established to facilitate an information exchange with members of the City Business community.

The aim of the scheme is to provide information to, or seek assistance from, the City business community on policing matters.

Real-time alert messages

Sign up to our subscription based real-time alerts service to receive information broadcast in real time from the City of London Police Control Room during any major disruption to the City of London.

The alerts are delivered to the most appropriate and convenient method for your team: Voice, mobile phone, SMS text, Pager, Email, or Vocal's unique PrefMail service

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