The City of London, is one of the most important financial centres in the world and the economic heart of the United Kingdom. Unlike most police forces, we have 2 distinct roles.

We protect the people, places and infrastructure of the City of London, preventing and investigating crime to ensure the City of London remains a safe and low crime area in which to live, work or visit. Tackling fraud is one of our Policing Plan priorities.

We also have a role as the National Lead Force for Fraud. We operate Action Fraud and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Our national role also includes investigating nationally significant serious and complex fraud on behalf of policing.

This policy takes into account both roles.   

Allegations of crime will be considered for investigation from the following routes:

  • Calls for service[1] reported directly to City of London Police or Action Fraud
  • National Fraud Intelligence Bureau crime disseminations
  • Referrals from other police forces or regional organised crime units
  • Formal referral from a UK regulatory authority, national or international law enforcement partner

All allegations are assessed through a specialist fraud triage team who will identify if immediate action is required to safeguard vulnerable people or secure critical evidence. Consideration will also be given to the critical nature of the referral and critical incident procedures will be followed if appropriate.

All referrals will be fully assessed taking into account threat, harm, risk, viability and case acceptance criteria. A decision on whether or not to commence an investigation will be made within 2 weeks of receipt. For complex allegations that require more detailed assessment, this will be within 6 weeks.

If the case is declined we will inform the victim(s) and/ or referrer and provide a rationale for the decision.

Investigations will be conducted in line with the College of Policing Authorised Professional Investigative Practice. This includes use of the Fraud Investigation Model for serious and complex cases. Victims will be updated and supported in line with the Victim Code of Practice.

Our aim is to conclude all investigations to a ‘file submission ready’ state within 2 years or otherwise expeditiously.

[1] A call for service is a reported incident of an offender in the act of committing (or has recently committed) a fraud which requires an immediate police response, where the suspect is known (or could be apprehended based upon the details provided) and is a local suspect