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Image of Ross Connor
Image of Ross Connor

Man jailed after demanding $1 million and threatening to burn down the offices of an online ticketing company

On Monday 3 August, Ross Connor, 34, (11/03/1981) from Peterborough was jailed for three years after he was found guilty at the Old Bailey of blackmailing an online ticketing company and threatening to burn down their building.

In February 2013, Connor was paid over £12,000 compensation as a goodwill gesture by Viagogo following a dispute around the sale of football tickets he listed on the website.

Viagogo had mistakenly listed tickets for a Champions league football match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich as available for sale.

However the people that bought the tickets were turned away by stadium staff on the basis that they had been re-sold and Connor’s season tickets were confiscated.

Despite being compensated Connor continued to complain and from April 2014 to November 2014 he harassed and intimidated employees’ of Viagogo demanding $1 million for the confiscated Arsenal season tickets.

He visited the offices of Viagogo based in the City of London and refused to leave and threatened to burn down the building. He also sent a card to the home address of one of the directors threatening to burn their house down.

He was arrested by City of London Police officers on 18 November 2014 and was remanded in custody the next day.

Investigating Police Constable Deborah O’Loughlin-Whitby from the City of London Police said , “Connor was not happy with the amount he received in compensation from the online ticketing company so he decided to use blackmail to get what he wanted.

“He was obsessed and went to great lengths to scare employees by threatening to burn down their offices and even made it personal by sending a menacing card to the home address of one of the directors.

“Connor was clearly a danger to the company and will now spend time in jail leaving the victims reassured that he will not be able to carry out his threats”


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