City of London Police protects the people, businesses and infrastructure of the City of London.

Our unique strengths include our experience of policing and protecting one of the most important, dynamic and challenging environments in the UK whilst leading the national response to fraud.‚Äč

We police the City of London with pride, passion and innovation to protect and serve our communities.

We will support a thriving economy by leading the physical security of the Square Mile, balancing tradition with modern challenges, and maintaining well established relationships with commercial and law enforcement partners worldwide, which maintains integrity and ease of trading in the City of London.

We will aid shaping the City as an outstanding environment by delivering a world class conventional and digital policing environment, supporting safety by design, leading the delivery of a safe place to live, work and visit whether physically or virtually.

We will contribute to a flourishing society by leading excellence in policing locally through to globally, delivering safer communities, and preventing and combatting crime.

Our ambitions

  • To make the City of London the safest city area in the world, regarded as a centre of excellence for protective security. We will use state of the art technology to protect the City of London and put us at the forefront of criminal investigation in a rapidly evolving landscape of crime.
  • To deliver a policing service that is valued by those who live, work and
    visit the City of London.
  • To be a police force with global influence and impact. We will use our expertise internationally through having a physical presence in key international locations to prevent crime, share best practice and thereby benefit the communities of the City of London and the UK.
  • To build new ethical economic partnerships. We will develop innovative public and private partnerships that benefit the City of London and lead to new ways of working.
  • To have an innovative, skilled and agile workforce in a culture that supports and empowers our people. We recognise this is essential and underpins the successful delivery of our ambitions. We will identify, harness, reward and retain talent, championing a culture of responsibility, inclusivity and opportunity. We will support our staff to be empowered, innovative leaders.

We believe

We will deliver the best possible outcomes for our communities by working closely with our many partners and stakeholders.

An engaged, motivated and skilled workforce is essential to the delivery of this plan.

We will deliver this plan through a comprehensive programme to transform the organisation, allowing us to meet the challenges facing modern policing, which includes:

  • our policing plan priorities
  • our Transform Programme
  • strategies that address key threats and support development of our people
  • a structure that allows us to address the diverse range of threats facing us, professionally, efficiently and effectively.

We commit to

  • Uphold our values of integrity, fairness and professionalism and the principles of the Police Code of Ethics.
  • Align and where appropriate integrate our services with other local services to improve the outcomes for our communities and protect the vulnerable.
  • Be innovative in our response to new and complex threats to protect the public.
  • Deliver specialist capabilities collaboratively by connecting policing locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Exploit and develop digital policing to make it easier for the public to contact us and improve our use of digital evidence and investigative capabilities.
  • Develop a more representative workforce with relevant skills, training and experience to meet future challenges.

We will deliver

  • A safe, secure and protected City of London.
  • Low levels of crime and antisocial behaviour.
  • A service that has victims at its heart, that communities value and have
    confidence in.
  • A service that is considered regionally, nationally and internationally as a beacon for protective security.
  • A locally, regionally and internationally recognised service tackling economic and cyber crime, using our National
  • Lead Force role to focus on victim vulnerability and drive excellence in investigation and training.
  • Reliable, interconnected technology facilitating the exchange of information protecting communities and victims from harm.
  • An empowered, innovative and skilled workforce, whose wellbeing is valued and able to respond to current and future demands.
  • An estate that supports delivery of efficient and effective policing in the 21st century.