The City of London Police monitors the entire workforce using the nine protected characteristics with the exception of gender re-assignment:

  • age
  • disability
  • marriage and civil partnership (but only in respect of eliminating unlawful discrimination)
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • race – this includes ethnic or national origins, colour or nationality
  • religion or belief – this includes lack of belief
  • Sex (gender)
  • sexual orientation

Gathering the information

Other than statutory required and other business information, the workforce is invited to maintain personal information about themselves in a confidential area within HR Self Service.

Counting the data

We use the Home Office counting rules which mean that we don’t count officers and staff who have been seconded out of the force. There are also peculiar rules that are applied to counting police officers. Officers who are performing at temporary rank are counted as if substantive in that role e.g. Temporary Chief Inspectors are counted as Chief Inspectors.

Officers acting in a rank are counted in their substantive role e.g. an Acting Sergeant is counted as a Constable.

Also in these statistics, we have not counted those officers and staff on career breaks as they don’t form part of the working strength. Everyone else will be counted.