The Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Unit sits within Strategy, Performance and Review and reports to the Assistant Commissioner. The Unit is comprised of a police sergeant and a member of support staff with knowledge and expertise in a range of diversity-focused disciplines.

The focus of their work relates to diversity issues both internally and externally. The unit has on-going​ projects which look at the legislative requirements in relation to diversity as well as issues relating to improving service delivery to all our communities.


To satisfy the public sector Equality Duty, the City of London Police has agreed these equality objectives:

  • Continuation of work to progress to the Integrating level of the Equality Standard for the Police Service
  • Review the equality impact assessment and community impact assessment process to make them more robust and better able to inform service delivery and improvement
  • Develop and implement the Equality, Diversity and Human Rights action plan to deliver equality across the four areas of performance: our people, our culture, organisational processes, operational delivery and local accountability
  • Develop a Dignity at Work policy that reflects the Equality Duty
  • Stakeholder and partner consultation and engagement in the City First programme.

The objectives have been drawn with the Independent Advisory Group and the Lead Member for Equality and Diversity on the Police Committee.