Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) of children and young people under 18 involves exploitative situations, contexts and relationship where young persons (or third persons) receive ‘something’ (e.g. Food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, affection, gifts, money) as a result of them performing, and/or another or others performing on them, sexual activities. This is often referred to as grooming.

CSE can occur through the use of technology without the child’s immediate recognition, e.g. being persuaded to post sexual image on the internet without immediate payment and gain.



  • Adult guests who appear secretive about their visit or trying to conceal that they with a young person.
  • Adult guests refusing to leave credit card imprint and paying in cash
  • Adult guests requesting a room that is isolated
  • Numerous adults and young people coming to the hotel who do not appear to have a reason to be there or high levels of visitors to a guest room
  • Guests who move in and out of the premises regularly at unusual hours
  • Guests arriving and asking for a specific room number without knowing the name of the person who the room is booked under
  • Adult guests who don’t want their room cleaned or visited


  • Don’t be afraid to challenge
  • Request ID for both parties
  • Seek assistance of colleague if unsure
  • If you have suspicion that something is not right DO NOT IGNORE IT  
  • Contact the Police – use 101 for non-emergency
  • Call 999 if you have immediate concerns for the safety of a child or any other person
  • Quote MAKESAFE    
  • Allocate a staff member to stay with the victim in a private area. Always believe the victim - Listen, reassure and try not to judge.

The call handlers across London have been briefed and have set questions to obtain information from you. Information you should give:

  • Current exact location of the suspect and victim
  • Concise description of both suspect and victim, clothing, approx. age, distinguishing features
  • If known, names and DOB of both victim and suspect
  • Are vehicles involved, colour/make/model/registration number
  • Who is the designated member of staff meeting police and where will they meet police
  • Try to monitor hotel CCTV if possible


For further information:

Contact the City of London Public Protection Unit – [email protected]



The Shiva Foundation have created a toolkit intended for internal use of hotels and other stakeholders in the industry. It has been created as guidance with recommended action and templates throughout to set up strong processes and protocols to address risks of CSE and modern slavery within your business and supply chains. The Blueprint can be adapted by individual managers, department heads and teams as appropriate.

Nightwatch in London – www.barnardos.org.uk

Nightwatch is a free training and guidance programme for those that work within the night time economy. We train people that work through the night including hotel and bar staff, taxi and night bus drivers to help recognise and protect children and young people from CSE after dark.

www.crimestoppers-uk.org - Give information anonymously


www.stop-cse.org – NWG – Our network links professionals involved in creating the best response for those who have become subjected to child sexual exploitation

www.childline.org.uk – A confidential 24hr free telephone helpline. Emotional support for children and young people on issues relating to child abuse, bullying etc.

www.faceup2it.org – FACE (Fighting Against Child Exploitation) is a group of young people, male and female who are aware of the dangers of grooming and sexual exploitation.

www.nspcc.org.uk – Providing helpful advice and tools you can use to help keep children safe whenever they go online

www.ceop.gov.uk – Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre