The surrender scheme marks an important development in the Government’s commitment to tackling serious violence and strengthening police powers to take action against it.

Under the scheme, offensive weapons that will soon be prohibited, as well as rapid firing rifles, which fire at a rate closer to semi-automatic rifles, can be surrendered to the police. Lawful owners will be able to claim compensation for the items in most cases.

This follows the Offensive Weapons Act which bans possession of dangerous and offensive weapons in private. The list of weapons includes zombie knives, cyclone knives, knuckledusters, death star knives, flick knives, gravity knives, batons, disguised knives, push daggers and other offensive weapons. It was already illegal to possess a knife or offensive weapon in public.

The scheme will run for 3 months from 10 December 2020 to 9 March 2021. Lawful owners will be able to claim compensation if the total value of the claim is more than £30. Claims can be submitted to the police using a form which is available on

The Offensive Weapons Act is part of a wider Government commitment to reducing serious violent crime, providing safer streets and neighbourhoods for everyone. This includes: 

  • introducing Knife Crime Prevention Orders which are intended to be preventative, helping young people at risk of being drawn into knife crime to change their behaviour;
  • making it unlawful to dispatch bladed products sold online without measures in place to ensure they are not delivered into the hands of a person under 18;
  • changing the legal definition for threatening someone with an offensive weapon to make prosecutions easier;
  • banning the sale and delivery of corrosive products to under 18s and making it an offence to possess a corrosive substance in a public place.

To surrender an offensive weapon to the City of London Police, you must complete the surrender and compensation scheme claim form before bringing it along with the weapon to Bishopsgate Police station between 7am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.

To find out more about the scheme, and to view which other police stations are taking part please click here.