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The Secure City programme is a joint initiative between the City of London Corporation and City Police. It's intended to deliver significant improvements to the safety of Square Mile residents, workers and visitors.

Drawing on the success of historical approaches to security and the latest examples of best practice from capital cities across the globe, the programme will future-proof security arrangements to meet the challenges of 2025 and beyond.

Secure City is not just about maintaining the Square Mile as somewhere where people are safe and feel safe, but that it becomes the safest city area in the world.

The programme will integrate with other local initiatives including Smart City and the Culture Mile. For example, the installation of new intelligent street lighting in the Square Mile will deliver both an efficiency benefit, and enhance feelings of safety for all.

Equally, as new attractions open to build the Culture Mile (including the Museum of London at Smithfield) Secure City programme will look at ways to protect these new ‘crowded spaces’.

This programme will also align with City of London Corporation’s wider transport strategy and its City Plan 2036. These envision a significant expansion of pedestrianised areas, the provision for safe cycling and a reduction in vehicular traffic.

To ensure that future security improvements meet the needs of stakeholders and communities in the Square Mile, the Secure City programme incorporates a wide ranging engagement plan which will put the views of residents, workers and the high number of visitors to the fore.

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