Buildings in the City of London

The Secure City programme is a joint initiative between the City of London Corporation and City of London Police, which aims to deliver significant improvements to the safety of residents, workers and visitors in the Square Mile.

Drawing on recognised best practice from capital cities across the globe, the programme will future-proof our security arrangements to meet the challenges and threats of the future.

Secure City is not just about ensuring the Square Mile remains somewhere where people are safe and feel safe. Our aim is for it to become the safest city area in the world.

The programme will integrate with other initiatives, including Smart City and the Culture Mile. For example, the installation of new intelligent street lighting will deliver an efficiency benefit and increase how safe people feel.

As new attractions open to build the Culture Mile, including the Museum of London at Smithfield, the Secure City programme will look at ways to protect these new crowded spaces.

Since the mid-1990s, the City of London Police has operated the Public Space CCTV Cameras across the City of London as part of daily activity to keep the public safe, and provide evidential CCTV images in court cases.

Under the Secure City Programme, we propose to upgrade all CCTV cameras in the Square Mile and replace the video management system with a new one that meets the needs of today and the future.

This would include the use of video analytics technology, not including live facial recognition technology at this time, to enhance our capability to make the City of London the safest city area in the world.

In addition to the camera upgrades, we propose to install a number of additional cameras in areas that have been highlighted as being of potential increased risk to public safety . This includes cameras that can provide early warnings in situations and at locations where people may be planning to take their own life.

To ensure that the proposed security improvements meet the needs of our stakeholders and communities, we have engaged with a range of stakeholders. 

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